Good business results are simply not enough. In today's competitive environment your business must continually optimize its operations: higher returns at lower costs all while delighting customers and growing market share.

In case you didn't know it: this IS rocket science.

StrategyShore applies 

practice, process, prudence and procedure

to ensure positive outcomes.

Your Most Important Questions



  Is outsourcing even the right option for the enterprise? In many situations outsourcing allows the business to focus on its core competencies. However, the outsourced business model is vastly different from the traditional one where all business functions are performed in-house. In fact, what business functions to outsource is a critical component of the enterprise strategy. 

StrategeyShore helps forward-thinking companies look past simple administrative functions (although that's a great place to start!) and past simple labor arbitrage to arrive at optimal target operating models and customer-support strategies.



Do functions need to be sent around the world in order to achieve the best results? Not always. Sometimes the best locations are not offshore, but are same-time-zone-shore ® , or nearshore or even rural. 

StrategyShore can help your enterprise consider the pros and cons of each model: Do you need real-time responses to your inquiries? Can you live with high attrition rates? Are schedule and cycle-time reduction important? How will service provider geography affect your own staff morale and attrition?


StrategyShore provides all-encompassing, holistic perspectives on these and other vital inputs to help you look past a shiny, flashy rate card and to the true TCO - Total Cost of Ownership - you can expect with each service provider's proposal.



To whom to outsource is the last crucial pillar of outsourcing success. While all the other target operating model components can be perfect, and while a great partner can clearly help manifest results, choosing the wrong partner can be disastrous. 

StrategyShore brings an unbiased approach to service provider evaluation. We share with you our informed opinions on providers that not only perform well in your proposed business functions, but that also operate in parts of the world strategic to you! Let us help you determine the top service providers you should consider.