Global or Local: Your Interests - Always First

StrategyShore was created by an entrepreneur who knows, has lived through and thoroughly understands the multiple dimensions of sourcing. Captive or outsourced? Offshore or nearshore or even across the street? What functions? What price points? Which services? Which service providers? How long?

We leverage knowledge gained from setting up offshore delivery centers with Accenture, from guiding clients on proper contract writing and terms with ISG, and the multitude of challenges with setting up Global Business Services solutions with the Hackett Group. This world-class experience is now available to you.

Two of the most important questions you should ask yourself about any solution are quite simply:

Does it scale? Will it last?

Many companies that haven't personally seen how contracts can deteriorate over time, or how operation roles in an outsourced relationship are entirely different from previous execution roles are doomed to a service provider relationship that is inordinately controlled by the service provider and not the company!

StrategyShore brings real-world experience to ensure you avoid these pitfalls on the way to your own success.

Our Leadership Team

Jon Butler - Principal

 Jon brings a vast array of experiences accumulated over 30+ years in the outsourcing industry to StrategyShore. 

Early in his career, Jon helped IBM transition networking skills to a new development lab in Rome, Italy (using his fluency in French to quickly perfect his Italian). 

After that Jon worked with offshore groups in Thailand and India to successfully help clients in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France and Germany with offshore implementations for Accenture. 

Next, Jon moved to Monterrey, Mexico where he created a delivery center where there was virtually no Accenture brand recognition at the time. In fact, he was the first employee in a new entity that he quickly grew to 500+ people in 2 years (and is now 1000+). And, yes, Jon learned to speak Spanish (with an Italian accent!).

Subsequently, with ISG, Jon moved to Lima, Perú to help the 3rd largest Peruvian bank create a contract framework to outsource its  technology work. 

With the Hackett Group Jon advised many clients on the pitfalls of creating captive organizations vs. outsourcing work. Jon also advised clients on the importance of employee engagement across all business units.

Jon brings so many different perspectives to his clients that it can be difficult to pinpoint what they value most. Perhaps it's Jon's incessant push for doing what's right, what's understood and agreed upon, and what's fun. He brings that same drive and enthusiasm to StrategyShore.