StrategyShore Thinks and Acts Differently

We are Asymmetrical, Obtuse and yet Well-Rounded!

StrategyShore understands that you understand your business. Your Intellectual Property (IP) is what makes you who you are and drives your success. You can use StrategyShore to help you better realize the value of your IP through superior operations.

We will assess your operations and provide you with a range of obvious and not-so-obvious sourcing options, each with its pros and cons, to make the value realization of that IP a de-risked reality.

There are plenty of companies that can provide stamped-out, standard-solution gurus. But StrategyShore consultants don't fit that mold. They have real-world experience implementing different solution models that enable value realization based on what's important to you.

Above all, StrategyShore is transparent in everything we do. That means you are never in the dark. If we are behind - you know. If we are ahead - you know. We value transparency internally, and we expect that our clients value the same. We enjoy what we do, and, when you work with us, you will too! 

What We Do

StrategyShore improves your outsourcing project's success with the following:

  1. The creation of - or the  validation of - your sourcing strategy from an internal operational perspective.
  2. An assessment of your initial set of sourcing destinations based on boots-on-the-ground experience in many geographies.
  3. Recommendations on additional, value-add strategies to consider based upon the business objectives.
  4. Introduction of under-the-radar sourcing partners who have the logos, and, yet, who are still hungry for you as a client.
  5. Most importantly, sessions with leadership and those in new roles to discuss the operational nature of your outsourced contract.

So many companies write what they think is a good contract only to see it fall on its face after change order after change order. Death by a thousand change orders sound familiar? Some "service providers" are experts at getting you to sign an attractive deal at a low price only to have you ante up once you are months/years into a contract -  without a valid alternative provider to consider that won't require high turnover costs and much turmoil and strife to get there.

StrategyShore will ensure you have signed a good contract and that you understand how to change your operations to accommodate it. It's simply not the same old, same old operation you managed before - and if you are not prepared, you will get burned!